Compensation for Accidents and Illnesses While Traveling Abroad

If you live in a developed western nation, sometimes you don’t know what to expect when you travel abroad. The standard of hygiene, safety and security are very different in some of the developing countries, because laws and law enforcement are of a very different quality in these areas.

For instance the building regulations that construction companies in the United Kingdom have to abide by are very different from those required to be followed in Tanzania. So the likelihood of a hotel related accident such as falling from a balcony or getting hurt due to a glass pane, bathroom accidents are higher in the latter country.

The regulations regarding pollution and chemical affluent may also not be as stringent in certain countries leaving western travelers to have some very unpleasant experiences, due to accidents and illnesses while on exotic holidays abroad, which you may least expect.

It isn’t just that accidents can happen when you are in a hotel abroad – they can happen at other times during your holiday. For instance, they can occur on board an airliner on your way to your holiday destination, or they can happen aboard an ocean liner.

travel-compensationHoliday accidents can also involve accidents relating to fire, because regulations regarding fire safety tend not to be as stringently made or applied in some countries. Very often accidents and illnesses can occur in spite of your best efforts and intentions.

Yet, as a citizen of your country, can you reasonably expect the kind of protection abroad that you would at home as well? The answer to this question is; it depends – was it in anyway your fault that you got involved in the accident? E.g. Buying and consuming illegal substances and then falling ill is not something you can claim compensation for.

Was your illness or accident due to any act or omission of your tour operator? If the liability of the tour operator, their negligence or their failure to perform any act as promised by contract can be proved, then you have a good case for receiving compensation for your holiday illness or accident.

There are of course various factors that your claim can depend upon – they will decide if your claim is valid as well as the amount of compensation that you are entitled to. Also the claim has to be made within a particular time frame so as not be barred by the statute of limitation.